A Proper Guide For Tire Replacement

A Proper Guide For Tire Replacement

Do you know the best way to analyze when it is high time to purchase new tires and replace them? If not yet, then this is the right place for you to get all questions answered in a row. Let us have a look at the questions and know what will be the accurate answer for the same. 

The best way to know the condition of the tires and about their replacement is to let the professional inspect them in-depth. Also, you can check out the condition by own as the tread needs of the tire should be 2/32” deep. If the criteria are not meeting by the car tires, then there is a need to replace the tires with the help of Pirelli Tires (ยาง รถยนต์ pirelli, which is a term in Thai).

There is another visual inspection method to analyze the tire’s conditions & begin with the tread. You need to ensure that the tire tread is quite deep and worn all along the way with no irregularities at all. Wear bars can be helpful for you to examine as and whenever the tread is low. All these signs can be found easily at various spots and worn all along the way across the tread. You need to make sure that the sidewalls of the tire are not damaged and there is no such sign present over there. 

The Penny Test

You can keep a check on the tire thread by using the penny test. The test can get performed in any driveway in a while. The idea of this test is to figure out whether to hit the threshold. Here, we have the steps how does it work: 

  1. Put a penny in the tire’s tread. 
  2. Turn the penny so that the head points of Lincoln point down in the tread. 
  3. Analyze carefully if the top of the head of Lincoln disappears and if it does so, the tread is beyond 2/32” and all are good to go. On the other side, if the entire head is visible, then there is a need to appear to tire replacement because the tread is not deep enough. 

Wrapping Up

It is recommended at the end that if the Pirelli Tires as manufactured ten years back needs to be replaced as it seems like out of the service. The same is the case when it comes to spare and if it is more than ten years old.