Aircraft Line Maintenance

Aircraft Line Maintenance

Effective aircraft maintenance depends upon experienced extensively qualified employees, dedicated to problem-solving. Every aircraft requires maintenance checks from light, regular maintenance checks, to heavy periodical maintenance checks. Full tech support team is exactly what the operators seek.

Full tech support team covers engines, airframes and modifications, components, landing gear changes and engineering. Modification, aircraft dismantling and storage could be incorporated alongside aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft modification

Aircraft modification is mainly to enhance older aircraft models through economical alteration works,including design and cabin furnishings & layout alterations. When offered as aircraft line maintenance it’s part of supporting a fleet.

Approved line maintenance organisations

Such work on outstations of the air carrier must be achieved by approved maintenance organisations. A carrier is inspired to try to get outstation line maintenance approval according to management by its primary base. Equally, the constant maintenance organisation of the carrier is considered being an independent organisation if this creates this change focus on aircraft that aren’t its very own.

General servicing jobs are not considered as line maintenance. Self-handling or entrusting to a different company by agreement, the carrier submits application to the local civil aviation management organisation for line maintenance approval at outstations for particular aircraft under its maintenance agreement. A carrier’s maintenance organisation takes full responsibility for compliance between maintenance at outstations and 145 needs towards the approved standards.

Airworthiness documentation supplied by the aircraft manufacturer should be available onsite at outstations.

Line Maintenance contracts

If your carrier’s maintenance organisation entrusts others to do such work or release in an outstation, it must sign a obvious maintenance agreement using the contracted company. The constant maintenance agreement must range from the following:

(1)Technical documentation, material, management procedures supplied by the carrier

(2)Training instructions supplied by the carrier

(3)Work scope entrusted through the carrier and authorization instructions

(4)Maintenance records and reporting methods.

A duplicate of these should be stored in the outstation. A line maintenance organisation has full responsibility for compliance to 145 needs rather than performs work on locations from maintenance certificate approval.

Organisations should have the various tools & equipment essential to perform work on locations indexed by maintenance certificates, and special equipment of the carrier by way of contracts.