Die Cast Truck Collection

Die Cast Truck Collection

Introducing Collecting Die-Cast Trucks

Collecting die-cast trucks is really a fun and interesting hobby. Whether you are looking at casual collecting or maybe you are a die-hard collector, there’s something within this hobby for everybody. When beginning out collecting, or you are getting a truck for any collector, there’s some fundamental information which all collectors ought to know about die-cast trucks.

Die-Cast Truck Types

Although some people collect strictly one sort of die-cast vehicle, you will find an array of vehicle types available. Some collectors concentrate on antique trucks, yet others prefer to collect trucks from one manufacturer. Others may focus strictly on a kind of truck, for example 18-wheelers, yet others may are interested in farm vehicles or construction equipment. You need to decide what type of truck you’re most thinking about, so that you can focus your quest and getting.

Die-Cast Truck Manufacturers

There are various manufacturers of die-cast trucks. A few of these manufacturers include:

· Norscott – Norscott may be the primary manufacturer of Caterpillar die-cast construction equipment, along with other brands for example Peterbilt, Kenworth, Situation, Claas, Bell, Liebherr and Yale/Hyster.

· Ertl – Ertl is among the earliest die-cast truck manufacturers. Ertl’s primary focus is on farm equipment, and manufactures John Deere and Situation/New Holland farm vehicles.

· Tonkin – Tonkin concentrates on road trucks, mainly 18-wheelers, however their collection includes log trucks and dump trucks.

· New Ray – New Ray Trucks also concentrate on road trucks, including 18-wheelers and pickups, however their collection includes niche trucks for example garbage trucks and tanker trucks.

· Yatming – Yatming is really a Hong Kong company that manufactures a large type of fire trucks and police vehicles, additionally to the automobile lines.

· Corgi – Corgi is really a British manufacturer that are experts in branded trucks and special edition collectable vehicles.

· Tonka – Tonka trucks were manufactured more strictly as toys than many die-cast trucks made today. Tonka is presently of Hasbro, and today licenses the Tonka name to Maisto for die-cast vehicles. Today’s Tonka trucks include pickups, farm tractors, big rigs and branded trucks.