Historical Facts Regarding Towing Trucks

Historical Facts Regarding Towing Trucks

Although contemporary automobiles have progressed right into exceptionally reliable makers, no maker is the best and something can any time happen to your vehicle, which can lead to you winding up stranded on the side of the roadway. When this type of ordeal strikes the best option is to call the nearest towing solution to aid you to solve the problem in the quickest and most reputable feasible means.

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  • Towing is Over 100 Years Old

The art of towing was designed back in 1916 when a technician called Ernest Holmes needed to draw a vehicle out of a creek. Because they really did not have any kind of towing technology back then, they were compelled to do it by hand, as well as the whole experience lasted about eight hours. Holmes went house and began working on feasible remedies for this new kind of trouble. His first efforts as well as styles did not really function, but eventually, he created a crane system that turned out to be a success.

  • He Constructed His First Tow Truck from a Cadillac

Holmes made the world’s first tow truck by modifying his 1913 Cadillac. When his crane system was full, he determined to mount it onto the back of his Cadillac, hence, the first towing automobile was born.

  • Holmes’ Original Style is Still Being Used Today

Naturally, there have been countless changes to his 1916 design; however, despite all improvements and innovations that took place throughout the history of the hauling industry, Holmes’ popular “hook as well as chain” sort of design is still being used today. It is simple, inexpensive, effective, as well as more importantly, it gets the job done.

Here Are 5 Sorts of Towing Trucks

Apart from the fabulous hook, as well as chain design, the sector progressed and generated new ideas and pulling remedies, so today we have five sorts of hauling vehicles:

  • the boom
  • the wheel-lift
  • the flatbed
  • hook as well as chain
  • the incorporated tow vehicle