Let us Talk Half-Ton Trucks

Let us Talk Half-Ton Trucks

So how exactly does your Tow Vehicle Compare within the Real Life

I had been watching tv another night whenever a Ford commercial came on. They’d two competitors vehicles hooked for an 11,000 pound trailer and also the guy states something like, it might take two trucks to tow an 11,000 pound trailer unless of course you’ve got a Ford F-150 having a fully boxed frame. Now, due to things i do as a living this commercial advertisement immediately experienced my attention.

My first thought was that the fully boxed frame may well be a nice feature, however i thought it was hard to think that it was the main reason the18 wheeler could tow excess fat than every other half-ton truck in the world. The final time I checked, causes of strong tow ratings were because of factors such as the engine, transmission, and rear axle ratio to mention a couple of. This piqued my curiosity and that i made the decision the following morning I’d forgo my daily work plan and investigate this claim, that the half-ton Ford F-150 could actually tow 11,000 pounds securely.

The very first order of economic ended up being to check some printed towing guides to verify Ford’s claim. I began using the 2007 Ford Fleet Towing Guide. After I visited the section on half-ton trucks I came across the greatest printed tow rating listed for any half-ton F-150 was 10,500 pounds. Upon further examination I discovered there was just one F-150 truck, from 56 configurations available, with this particular 10,500 pound rating. It had been a normal cab 4X2, having a 144.5 ” wheelbase along with a 4.10 axle ratio. Hold on there is a footnote, it read this truck also needed huge duty payload package, as well as in parenthesis it stated (late availability). I’m not sure if this towing guide was printed, or if this durable payload package was available during the time of this writing.

Let us take a look at where we are at to date. From 56 configurations between Ford F-150 half-ton regular cab, supercab and supercrew trucks, two wheel drive, 4wd, short bed and lengthy bed models with 3.55, 3.73 or 4.10 axle ratios there is just one F-150 half-ton truck rated to tow 10,500 pounds. The final time I checked a normal cab, two-wheel drive lengthy wheel base truck wasn’t the favourite choice one of the masses within the truck buying category.

Hold on, there is one other issue the television ad stated Ford were built with a half-ton F-150 that may tow 11,000 pounds, not 10,500. Before wasting considerable time, never ever, I made the decision to check on a few other 2007 towing guides I’d laying around to find out if one of these could obvious up a number of this confusion. The 2007 RV Business Towing Guide listed 49, F-150 trucks in a variety of configurations, which the greatest tow rating was 9,900 pounds. Again it had been a normal cab, two-wheel drive by having an 8 feet bed along with a 5.4 liter V-8 engine. There have been two footnotes which known as to have an automatic transmission along with a 4.10:1 axle ratio. The 2007 Trailer Existence Annual Towing Guide listed exactly the same 49, F-150 configurations with similar model rated to tow 9,900 pounds. Now I had been completely confused. Can an F-150 tow 9,900, 10,500 or 11,000 pounds? I made the decision I better contact somebody at Ford concerning the TV commercial and discover what’s happening. Who had been right, the tv ad or among the printed towing guides?

I looked and looked for the Ford representatives contact details who might rapidly obvious this trouble up, but soon discovered it had been challenging to get at the very best. The nearest factor I possibly could arrived at would be a Ford Pr telephone number I happened across on the web. I spoken with a youthful lady about my dilemma she stated she wasn’t permitted to provide me her name. I described the issue between your television ad and also the printed towing guides and she or he explained that tow ratings derive from the way the truck was outfitted. Cleaning it once a to describe which i completely understood this, however that this did not answer my question. Her final response was that i can speak to a local Ford dealer plus they could answer our questions. Now I’ve been only at that RV towing factor for quite a while, as well as the advantage of the doubt and also to adhere to the guidance I had been given, I contacted a nearby Ford dealership. I am glad I did not need to pay for the decision because things i already suspected switched to be right. I spoken towards the sales department and also the service department and no-one could let me know exactly what the greatest tow rating for any 2007 F150 was, according to any configuration.