Quick Fixes for Common Garage Door Issues

Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Improve Garage Door Life | Garage Doors ProsThe daily convenience of a garage door opens the gateway to our homes with a simple push of a button. But when it malfunctions, the momentum of our routine comes to a screeching halt. Here’s a good news: many Garage Door Repair issues can be fixed promptly with a bit of know-how and a handful of common tools. Before you dial for professional help or start dreaming of costly replacements, try these easy quick fixes for some typical garage door woes.

  1. Sticky or Noisy Operation

A garage door that sticks on its way up or down, or one that operates with alarming noise, is often a sign of old, dirty, or misaligned tracks and rollers. The solution here is a two-part fix. 

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance

First, clean the tracks with a household cleaner to remove any lodged dirt or debris. Second, inspect the rollers. Replace any that are worn and ensure that the rollers are properly aligned within the track—misalignment often comes from an accidental knock during parking or from vibration over time.

  1. Lubrication

Once everything is clean, lubricate the rollers, tracks, and hinges with a silicone lubricant. Avoid using a lubricant that attracts dirt (like oil), as this will only compound the sticking issue. Apply a small amount, wipe off the excess, and your door should open and close smoothly and quietly.

  1. The Door Won’t Close All the Way

There are few things more exasperating than a garage door that refuses to close completely. Before assuming you’ll need to buy a new door or opener, try these quick measures.

  1. Adjust the Close Limit Switch

For many garage door openers, there is an adjustable ‘close limit’ switch on the door track. This switch tells the motor when to stop running— and it can drift over time. Use your owner’s manual to locate and adjust the switch, giving the door more room to close before the motor believes it’s time to stop.

  1. Clear the Area

Sometimes, the obvious solution is the right one. Make sure there isn’t anything in or around your garage that could be in the way of door closure—from bins to vehicle antennas. Ensure the photo-electric sensors at the base of your door are aligned and free from obstruction as well.

  1. Remote Controls Fail to Open or Close the Door

When was the last time you changed the batteries in your remote control? Sometimes, the fix is as simple as that. If new batteries don’t do the trick, here are some additional steps.

  1. Check the Photo Eyes

If the photo eyes aren’t fixed on the same plane, the system might assume something is in the path of the door and refuse to operate. Ensure both eyes have lights on and are facing each other without being askew.

  1. Reprogram the Remote

Occasionally, remotes can lose their programming. Resyncing them with your door opener is typically a quick process, detailed in your garage door opener’s manual, or available from the manufacturer’s website.


Garage door issues are a common yet fixable nuisance. Taking these simple steps can often save you the cost and inconvenience of professional service calls. However, if you feel out of your depth or suspect a more serious problem, don’t hesitate to contact a garage door repair specialist. Remember, safety always comes first—never tackle any garage door repair task that makes you uncomfortable or that you don’t have the tools to handle properly. With a little bit of time and care, most garage door problems can be a memory of the past.