The “RIGHT” Customer Is Definitely “Right”

The “RIGHT” Customer Is Definitely “Right”

If you are much like me you’ve heard this debate of “the client is definitely right” versus. “the client isn’t necessarily right” happening for several years with sides feeling very enthusiastic about their position. Tossing yet another discussion on the top of those thousands will not most likely improve your opinion one of the ways or another. So let me provide a different perspective and method to consider this time tested dilemma.

Let us if you have two different customers and both aren’t happy. Most people’s innate response is to do whatever needs doing to relieve the consternation between your customer and the organization… presuming you’re worried about your clients. Caring deeply regarding your customers is a superb culture and attitude to possess inside your company… AFTER ASKING A Vital QUESTION.

“Don’t let be also serving this customer in line with the personas we’ve recognized as answer to our business and those we’ve built our complete customer experience around for everyone?”

This is actually the most important question to inquire about prior to deciding to “allow it to be right” which help the customer. If this isn’t the persona you’ve recognized as answer to serve, you’re putting all of your effort at high-risk. Although it might appear as an easy decision to simply “allow it to be right,” there might be some significant effects for this decision you might like to consider before “which makes it right” for everybody.

First, for those who have invested the money and time to your Customer Journey and creating outstanding Customer Encounters, you realize which customers you’ve BUILT YOUR EXPERIENCE For Everyone. Should you deviate out of this number of customers, the processes and systems you designed aren’t likely to deliver an incredible experience. Sure, you may be friendly and nice however your systems and customer experience process aren’t made to serve everybody by having an awesome experience in their journey.

Second, When you choose to “allow it to be right” for any customer outdoors of the identified personas, you almost certainly Will not Allow It To Be RIGHT… you cannot make sure they are happy with time. You may change one touchpoint inside a particular situation to impress the incorrect customer however, you aren’t made to deliver these “exceptions” again and again… the client might find this over and over and will also be increasingly more unhappy. Your processes are made to deliver an incredible experience towards the “Sally’s” (your identified persona) and you’re attempting to appease the “Bob’s” (the incorrect persona)… this creates frustration and greatly increases your risk.