What Are the Different Types of Semi-Trailers Available in The Market?

What Are the Different Types of Semi-Trailers Available in The Market?

You need a semi-truck for transporting a variety of things such as furniture, beverage, food, sporting equipment, etc. There is no one semi-trailer ideal for all types of jobs. The incorrect trailer would result in late shipment and frequent trips.

Based on your needs, you will need to identify the right trailer to save your time and money. In this article, you will learn about the different types of semi-trailers to help you make the right decision.

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Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are the most versatile trailer for loading large-sized industrial equipment that would not remain unaffected by extreme weather conditions. These trailers can hold a maximum of 21,000 kg. These trailers have a maximum size of sixteen meters in length and 2.5 meters in width.

In most cases, these trailers are used to carry coiled steel and flat steel. They are most suited to carry products that do not have to be enclosed and/or safeguarded from the climate or weather. As they are fully accessible on all sides, these trailers provide a convenient method of unloading and loading process.

Drop Deck Trailer

This type of trailer is fully open to the elements. It contains two different types of levels. Such trailers are used to haul large-sized farms or industrial equipment and for general freight. This type of trailer is equipped with a hydraulic rear ramp that helps to unload and to load conveniently.

Drop Deck Wideners

These have two levels. The bottom level lies at a low level to the ground. The top-level is fixed. In this trailer, the lower deck can widen based on the breadth of the load.

This is ideal for oversized industrial equipment. The drop deck trailer can widen to a maximum of four meters. It comes with single, heavy-duty ramps, and bi-fold to facilitate loading equipment.

Extendable Trailers

Extendable trailers offer an enhanced level of flexibility than any flatbed trailer. A majority of transporter firms use this loader due to their ability to extend to take varying loads. The trailer is easy to configure to a small size to make the truck easy to manoeuvre.

Dry van or Enclosed Trailers

If you want to ship consumer products that need extra protection, then an enclosed trailer would prove to be beneficial.  An enclosed trailer helps safeguard consumer products as well as other cargo items that are sensitive towards the climate, and weather.  This type of trailer has a maximum capacity of holding 20,000 kg.


Buying a very large semi-truck for the shipments won’t make efficient use of the space efficiently. It will also result in more gas expenses in the longer run. Alternatively, a smaller size semitrailer would not meet your needs adequately.

The first thing in loader selection is to consider the products that you need to transport from one place to another. The above guide will help you select the right semitrailer for your requirement.