What Do You Do If You Lose Your Car Keys? Get Hold of a Locksmith

The majority of us drive keyless entry vehicles. Have you ever considered what you would do if your car key were lost? There are instances where you can mistakenly leave it somewhere and discover afterward that you no longer have access to your car. Losing your car keys is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when you are in a hurry and you feel frustrated and anxious. Do not worry, the locksmith mississauga will help you.

Your first step is to look for your car keys and take a deep breath. Try to retrace your steps and recall where you last used your key. Do you have a duplicate key?

Get your basic information

Before you call a locksmith you need to prove ownership with vehicle registration documents, of the vehicle and your ownership. Collect information about your vehicles, such as model, brand, and year of manufacture. You will need to find your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN is usually found on the dashboard, inside the trunk, or rear wheel well. You can find VIN details in the title documents and insurance card.

Know your Car key type

When you contact a locksmith, you will need to inform them about the type of car key. To prevent any delays, ensure you give them the correct details. The different types of keys are –

  • Traditional key – Traditional keys are similar to conventional keys. They do not have a chip on them. Older vehicles and certain vehicles manufactured after 2000 will operate with these keys.
  • Transponder Key – These keys have been available since 1995, the key has a built-in chip configured to the particular vehicle.
  • Remote Fob and Integrated Key – The integrated key allows you to start the automobile with the integrated key while the remote fob locks and unlocks the vehicle.
  • Smart Key (Push-To-Start)– This is a smart key that helps you start the vehicle by pushing a button. It is not necessary to put it into the ignition your key needs to be near the vehicle.

Getting a key made

Making a new automobile key without the original requires more time than making a second key. Using the information above, an auto locksmith will search their extensive vehicle database using the VIN, choose the appropriate car key for you, and create a new key. The auto-locksmith will take care of any programming required for the new car key. As soon as you have a new car key, make sure to get a duplicate produced so that this doesn’t happen again.


There you have the process to make a car key made. The cost of making a new key will depend on the type of car key. Remember to keep your duplicate keys in a safe place.