5 Explanations Why Companies Don’t OBSESS Over Their Clients

5 Explanations Why Companies Don’t OBSESS Over Their Clients

I speak with company leaders constantly about CUSTOMER OBSESSION and how it’s probably the most critical component to helping them be a Outstanding company. Even though all of them get excited and express it sounds awesome, couple of do something.

I am always surprised about the way they aren’t seeing the Tsunami coming toward shore… despite a lot of research from probably the most respected and largest talking to and research firms on the planet! They still don’t think the Tsunami will hit they and them can “wait it” somewhat longer. The issue with this particular strategy (or lack thereof) is the fact that whenever a Tsunami will get close enough to shore where it may be felt and seen, it’s far too late. You cannot reach greater ground quick enough therefore it wipes you out of trouble… an identical scenario many predict may happen to a lot of companies by deciding to hold back.

I talk and write a great deal about WHY it’s imperative that companies result in the change immediately from the PRODUCT/SERVICE CENTRIC company to some CUSTOMER OBSESSED organization. It’s basically about staying away from extinction within their industry and alternatively, rising to the peak where they could be a leader rather of the casualty. For individuals that listen and wish to act, this short articleOrpublish is not for you personally. However if you simply have not yet made the proper decision to becoming Customer Obsessed, this can be useful for you.

I figured it’s useful to talk about a few of the explanations why company leaders let me know they would like to stay where they’re today and why they don’t wish to seek greater ground using the impending Tsunami headed their way. While there are other than the others 5, I needed to begin with a minimum of the top five I hear probably the most about why they do not OBSESS over their clients… and simultaneously offer some quick ideas regarding how to transform it into an Chance…

Products/Services doing fine today… they’re inside a highly competitive (commodity) market within their industry but they’re “holding their very own” right now. This is actually the most typical situation a lot of companies have been in today. I firmly believe the leaders of those companies know they’re around the fringe of disaster sooner or later… they just do not know when. Then when you do not get sound advice, you have a tendency to simply do much more of what you’re presently doing.

Individuals that finish up in this case are usually more inside a condition of ignorance than they aren’t thinking of doing something… they just do not understand Customer Obsession and just what it may do in order to transform their company. Helping them understand the strength of Customer Obsession is how they have to start. When they understood how this might completely differentiate them and just what an amazing difference it might make within their company they would not make use of this excuse. Education of these leaders is crucial… and earlier than later.