CUSTOMER OBSESSION Is not a “Buzzword”- It’s a means of Existence

CUSTOMER OBSESSION Is not a “Buzzword”- It’s a means of Existence

Being customer obsessed is not something do… It’s what you are!

I recieve requested constantly exactly what a “Customer Obsessed Project” might seem like for the company… this means, “I do not really get Customer Obsession.” Projects have “start and finish dates”… being Customer Obsessed never ends… you new Method Of Existence.

CUSTOMER OBSESSION is not look foward to a person satisfaction survey where you choose to collect some good info and you are finished. Additionally, it is not like beginning and stopping some “customer campaign” where you will make a move nice for the customer. Also it certainly is not a “thanks” event to inform your clients just how much you appreciate them… once annually.

Customer Obsession is exactly what you reside, eat, and breathe every single day, all year round. It’s just how you run your organization… always putting the customers’ well-being before anything else you do. Should you consider the definition within the dictionary, it states something similar to this…

OBSESSION: the domination of a person’s ideas or feelings with different persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

… to consider something unceasingly or persistently dwell obsessively upon something

Whenever you apply this definition for your customer’s it requires on the special meaning… to consider your customer unceasingly or persistently… this really is CUSTOMER OBSESSION.

Should you incorporate this into the way you treat your clients, what sort of experience you allow them, the way you create products, the way you serve them, and just how you Enable them to, you can begin to understand creating a company around your customer could seem like.

What can change should you did everything using the intent of helping your customers’ day, existence, or company with each and every interaction from any employees… wouldso would this transformation how you are believed to be from your customers when compared with your competitors?

What can change should you designed your products or services particularly around your customer so you understood it might enable them to enhance their existence nonetheless they would utilize it?