How Boost Leaks Affect Your Power And Economy

When a vehicle’s boost system is compromised, the fuel efficiency of the car is affected. Boost systems are used in all types of vehicles, most notably trucks and SUVs. The boost mechanism in these vehicles is part of the transmission setup. How boost leaks affect fuel efficiency in these cars can be significant depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer and the […]

The “RIGHT” Customer Is Definitely “Right”

If you are much like me you’ve heard this debate of “the client is definitely right” versus. “the client isn’t necessarily right” happening for several years with sides feeling very enthusiastic about their position. Tossing yet another discussion on the top of those thousands will not most likely improve your opinion one of the ways or another. So let me […]

CUSTOMER OBSESSION Is not a “Buzzword”- It’s a means of Existence

Being customer obsessed is not something do… It’s what you are! I recieve requested constantly exactly what a “Customer Obsessed Project” might seem like for the company… this means, “I do not really get Customer Obsession.” Projects have “start and finish dates”… being Customer Obsessed never ends… you new Method Of Existence. CUSTOMER OBSESSION is not look foward to a […]