Fairs and Events Logistics: How to Find the Best Forwarders

Fairs and Events Logistics: How to Find the Best Forwarders

Nowadays the event industry is considered to be one of the most popular and profitable businesses. It is becoming trendy to organize vivid celebrations. Many agencies are ready to organize holidays of any level of complexity.   

If you decide to make a successful career in the event industry, you should take into account that it’s necessary to anticipate the possibility of traveling throughout the state or even the country. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to stay afloat while the competition is really tough. I think that it’s necessary to buy special containers and trucks in order to deliver supplies to the destination, you are wrong. Nowadays it’s more convenient and profitable to cooperate with professional logistics brokers. 

You have to place an order on the website of the transportation company you like. The specialists evaluate your requirements and offer the most winning solutions. You do not think about where to find proper boxes to transport all the props. You do not need to think about what’s better – FTL or LTL delivery. Moreover, if you cooperate with 3PL brokers, they are ready to pack all your stuff, prepare all the necessary papers, and find the most optimal warehouse.

So, what can you count on when you hire a logistics broker for your event agency? The first step the experts take is to evaluate your needs and requirements. It’s clear, the process of moving the elements of the exhibition differs greatly from the delivery of the musical or dance props. Moreover, skillful specialists are ready to cope with such tasks as customs clearance, storage, and transport issues, event insurance, unpacking, positioning, and installation.

If you deal with fine arts and have to transport expensive items, it’s necessary to pick up a forwarding company carefully. The thing is the transportation of valuable items is rather challenging. There are several aspects you should pay attention to. They are the following:

  • It’s necessary to provide proper transportation and storage solutions.

It’s not a good idea to transport paintings by famous actors in standard trucks. If you do this, it may lead to the total spoilage of the items. It’s of prime importance to provide a proper temperature regime, a suitable level of humidity, and reliable protection from sunlight, dirt, and precipitations.     

  • Insurance is a must.

When it comes to the transportation of costly items, it’s necessary to purchase a proper coverage plan. Standard cargo insurance is not enough while it’s not able to cover all the losses if something happens to the freight.  

  • It’s better to use expedited shipping.

The longer items are on the way, the large chances of losses or damages are. It’s 

Moreover, experienced carriers are able to deal with such unusual cargo as stand builders. These objects have a couple of significant peculiarities. They make it difficult to transport constructions. Thus, such cargo is considered to be a non-standard one. Sometimes it’s even necessary to get special permission to be able to transport it.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that logistics is ready to offer various solutions to the representatives of the event industry. Freight forwarders are able to transport all the needed equipment and tools anywhere.