Purr-fect Getaway: Explore Cat Boarding Dubai for Your Feline Friends

Do you have an upcoming vacation and can’t take your furry friend along with you? It is essential to ensure that your pet is well taken care of while you’re away. If you are a cat parent, consider cat boarding in Dubai as an option to keep your feline happy, healthy, and safe while you are away. This post will provide you with all the information you need on cat boarding dubai.

What is cat boarding?

Cat boarding is a service provided by facilities such as veterinary clinics, pet hotels, and pet resorts that allow pet owners to keep their cats in an environment that is safe, secure, and comfortable while they are away. Cat boarding facilities provide individual apartments, often called “suites” or “pens,” where your beloved cat can stay.

What are the benefits of boarding your cat?

One of the most significant benefits of cat boarding in Dubai is that it provides a safe and controlled environment for your cat. Cat boarding facilities have trained staff who monitor pets 24/7 and provide custom care based on their specific needs. Some boarding facilities offer individual playtime and activities, while others offer grooming and health services.

How to choose the right cat boarding facility

When choosing a cat boarding facility in Dubai, it’s essential to do your research. Start by reading reviews, asking for recommendations from friends and family, and visiting potential facilities to get a sense of the environment. Ask the staff questions about their policies, such as feeding schedules, exercise routines, and what veterinary services they offer. Ensure that the facility is clean and safe for pets, and make sure that your cat’s vaccinations are up to date.

Preparing your cat for boarding

Preparing your cat for boarding in Dubai is a crucial step to ensure that they are safe, comfortable, and happy while you are away. First, make sure your cat is up to date on their vaccinations. Secondly, make sure to pack enough food, toys, bedding, and any medication your cat may need while they are away. Finally, provide the boarding staff with your cat’s medical records and emergency contact information.

Cost of cat boarding

The cost of cat boarding in Dubai varies depending on the facility, location, and services provided. Prices can range from AED 70 to AED 250 per day. These fees cover the costs of housing, food, and staff care. Additional fees may apply for extra services like grooming, veterinarian care, or activities.


In conclusion, cat boarding is a great option for pet owners who can’t take their cats along on their travels. Cat boarding facilities provide a safe and comfortable environment, catered custom to pets’ individual needs, allowing owners to leave their pets with peace of mind. When looking for cat boarding services in Dubai, ensure that you choose a reputable facility, prepare your cat adequately, and be prepared to pay for the services you require. Finally, always check the facility’s policies and make sure they meet your expectations before entrusting your precious pet to their care.