Why you Should Rock Pinstripes on Your Mustang

Why you Should Rock Pinstripes on Your Mustang

Ford Mustangs are well-known for their performance and speed. If you want to make your Mustang a true “Mustang”, consider mustang pinstripes.

Pinstripes add beauty and uniqueness to a vehicle, especially if they are licensed and made specifically for Mustangs. They have many benefits. Your Mustang pinstripes will make you stand out wherever you go.


There are thousands of Ford Mustangs out there, so why not add licensed pinstripes that will make your Mustang stand out from the rest? For a racing-inspired look, some owners prefer bold colors. Some prefer to use more sophisticated pinstripes in silver or black.

To make their Mustang truly unique, sports fans can personalize their vehicle with the team colors they support.

Express Yourself!

You can show off your new car at a car show by wearing licensed Mustang pinstripes in unique color combinations. You have the option to choose any look you like, whether it’s a street performance or a racing machine. You don’t have to stick with the same boring black stripes. Let your creativity flow!

More than Aesthetics

Decals can protect the vehicle’s original paint underneath. Licensed pinstripes are a physical barrier against the elements, even the scorching sun. They will keep your Mustang looking brand new.

Pinstripes are also good for minor scrapes. If an accident occurs, it’s much easier to replace the decals than to repaint your vehicle.

Spice it Up

A Mustang you bought used, or as a fixer-upper. Pinstripes that are licensed can make your Mustang more relevant and modern. Decals can be used to update older models and hide any imperfections that have accumulated over the years. You can give a classic sex appeal by giving it some decals!

Pinstripe decals are great for making a statement at car shows, or just to show off your car. To ensure a perfect match, make sure you choose pinstripes that are licensed for Mustang.

Rocky Mountain Graphics provide licensed mustang pinstripes to car enthusiast across America.

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