CUSTOMER OBSESSION Is not a “Buzzword”- It’s a means of Existence

Being customer obsessed is not something do… It’s what you are! I recieve requested constantly exactly what a “Customer Obsessed Project” might seem like for the company… this means, “I do not really get Customer Obsession.” Projects have “start and finish dates”… being Customer Obsessed never ends… you new Method Of Existence. CUSTOMER OBSESSION is not look foward to a […]

Here Are 10 Factors To Ponder When Selling Your Car

Mechanical ConditionYou can most simply gauge the mechanical condition by taking it on a test drive. During a test drive there are many factors to check with some easier than others eg is there any problem with the brakes, does th car drag to the left or right, any suspicious noises to be heard when driving over road bumps? By […]